An Insider Guide to Creating Awesome Travel Stories on Hoptale

We often get asked by new users on how to create a great travel story like the ones featured on our homepage (some of our favorite examples are Florence, Tuscany Winelands, and Vatican City and Quick Trip to London). Other than having quality photos and good writing, you should fully utilize all the editing features our app has to offer.  We try to automate the process as much as possible but sometimes a little bit of work is required from you :).  Here are a few tips to give you a jump start:

#1. Make sure trip photos are organized correctly
After selecting your trip photos to create a trip, you will end up in the main editing screen (see screenshot below). Your photos are grouped by day and location here. A correct photo organization helps generate better suggestions for locations. If you find any photo in a wrong place, you can press and hold it to activate drag & drop.  If you need to insert a new location into the trip, look for the “+” icon in between locations (see #1 illustrated in the screenshot below).

#2. Tag as many locations as possible
Locations help generate a detailed itinerary and map for your trip. To tag locations for your photos, click Add Location above each group of photos (see #2 illustrated in the screenshot below). You can select from a list of suggested locations (based on your photos’ coordinates when available). If you don’t see the right location, try adjusting the map area to update the suggestions or searching for a specific place using the search box. You can also search by category (restaurants, hotels, etc.) if you don’t remember the exact name.

#3. Select highlights for your trip
Highlights are your favorite locations or activities from the trip (think of the ones you would tell your friends when they ask for recommendations). Highlights will also show up in the final trip gallery to complement the photos.  To select trip highlights, use the #3 button illustrated in the screenshot below.

#4. Pick an attractive cover photo for your trip
The cover photo is what initially draws attention, so make sure you leave a good first impression!  To change the cover photo, use the #4 button illustrated in the screenshot below.

#5. Edit the trip title and description
Although not required, you can edit the trip title and add a description.  You can also include relevant # hashtags in the description to help your travel story get more exposure in our community.  To edit the trip title or description, use the #5 button illustrated in the screenshot below.

The Main Editing Screen:

[Advanced Tip] Add journal writing and organize photos for a location 
– A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes you may like to jot down notes or reflections on your journey.  To add writing to any location, tap the pencil icon on the right side of the location line.
– The grid icon next to the pencil icon shows all the photos for a location in a grid format instead of a horizontal row.  It is a useful editing feature especially for a location with many photos.  You can easily re-arrange the order of the photos and even add more photos from your iPhone library.


Hope you find the tips above helpful and put them to good use! Share with us below if you have any good editing tips for the Hoptale appRemember your trips will always remain editable (even after being published) so you can keep making improvements to them. 

2 thoughts on “An Insider Guide to Creating Awesome Travel Stories on Hoptale

  1. Thanks for this guide! I was a bit lost in the beginning because there seem to be too many editing features. I am getting really good at it now!


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